Unleash the Social Butterfly in you with LocalEvents

May 2nd, 2014  |  By Kim Roz

Tired of missing out on cool events because you failed to check your Facebook invites on time? Wanting to spend more time with your friends but not sure how to coordinate everyone’s schedule? Then LocalEvents is for you. This coming soon Windows app allows you to discover upcoming Facebook events, track where your friends are going and easily manage all your social activities right in the palm of your hand!

With this exciting coming soon new app, you can now discover all kinds of Facebook events, from parties, to business conferences and sports events. Also, what differentiate this app from other new Windows apps are its personal, customizable options. Specify where, when and with whom you feel like hanging out and LocalEvents will come up with many suitable activities just for you. You can also search the most popular events and receive reminders of upcoming events on time in order to ensure you become the social butterfly you were always destined to be!

LocalEvents will forever change the way people find, share and talk about Facebook events. However, the strength of the app lies in its number of users. Therefore, don’t forget to share this app with your friends and followers in order to better enjoy it.

Click here to become beta-testers and get notified as soon as this useful app goes live. 

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