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January 21st, 2014  |  By Kim Roz

At PreApps, we receive hundreds of apps before they launch. We select the top apps to watch every week, so tune in every Tuesday at 2 P.M. EST and find the hot new apps coming out soon. 


Last Heroes

Expected Release Date January 30 2014
Are you looking for exciting new game apps? Then you will enjoy Last Heroes - The Final Stand. In this new app, users are the only remaining heroes left standing. They are humanities’ last hope against ruthless, cruel zombies. This new app features 3 exciting game modes, different area backgrounds for you to choose from, 3 unique and powerful heroes, many deadly zombies, an arsenal of powerful weapons at your disposal and hundreds of challenging levels! This new entertainment app also features impressive visuals and exciting sounds. Click on "Notify Me" and a message will be sent to you when this app goes live.



Fright Fight

Expected Release Date January 29 2014
Fright Fight is the first real-time 3D online multiplayer brawler game app. What differentiates this app from other new entertainment appis that it allows you to connect with up to 3 other players from around the world. You can choose to play against random opponents or compete with your friends. This app works on both iOS and Android devices. Fright Fight features a combination of many awesome genres, mixing horror and fantasy themes to create an ominous 3-D setting. This app also features a bunch of characters from different realms, each with unique attack types, combos and skills. Click on "Notify Me" and a message will be sent to you when this app goes live.




Expected Release Date January 25 2014

Dronius is one of the hottest new apps. This exciting new game app features a little drone that is the sole survivor of a cruel and ruthless inter-planetary war. Your main mission is to fly this drone from the Sun to Pluto, while avoiding a wide array of different obstacles, such as planets, asteroids, alien traps and debris of space stations. With a limited number of lives at your disposal and countless ways to improve the performance of the drone, Dronius seems like a challenging and entertaining app. Dronius is suitable for iPhone and Android devices. Click on "Notify Me" and a message will be sent to you when this app goes live.


Expected Release Date February 1 2014
Bookie is one of the best new entertainment apps! This game app allows you to bet on sports games directly from your phone! Forget about filling in tickets and spending countless amounts of time in betting stores to check out the results of the latest game. This new app makes sports betting extremely easy and fun! Bookie also allows you to integrate with your favorite social network and compete with your friends and share your results! This new entertainment app is free on both iPhone and Android devices. Click on “Notify Me” and a message will be sent to you when this app goes live.



My Tweet Box for Twitter 

Expected Release Date January 31 2014 

Are you passionate about new iPhone apps? Are you an avid user of Twitter? Then you will love My Tweet Box for Twitter! With this new app, you can now tweet in an easier and faster way! My Tweet Box for Twitter features a quick launch bar and easy to use features such as “QuickTweet”, “Trends”, “Favorites” and “Messages”. This new app features fast and beautiful iOS7 design and speed improvements compared to the native app. With My Tweet Box for Twitter, you will tweet like never before! Click on “Notify Me” and a message will be sent to you when this app goes live.



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    have a look at helicopter bob

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