Top App on PreApps hits it big on iTunes!

January 9th, 2014  |  By Kim Roz

Hunter Island was one of the top apps on PreApps and we are excited to announce it hit the top 100 paid apps on iTunes today.  From the developers of Dragon Island Blue, the former No.1 RPG in 43 Countries comes the hot new iPhone app Hunter Island. ZigZaGame Inc. is known for new game apps like GemCraft, Hex Empire and Berzerk Ball.  


Hunter Island is a real monster collection RPG with live multiplayer.  Awaiting you is a vast world to explore and an epic story. Suffering from war, drought, and other unusual disasters, the island is going through troubled times, and the people living there are in need of a hero like you. In order to put a stop to these disasters, you must uncover the secrets behind the disappearance of ancient civilizations. Complete the full 60+-hour storyline without having to wait for timers or energy bars. No network connection required.

Game Highlights Include
- Over 300 monsters. Catch. Combine. Evolve! 
- 60+ hours of classic RPG with an epic story. 
- Over 100 quests. 
- Battle online via Game Center 
- Find items to increase and strengthen your army. 
- Summon bosses you have defeated into battle. 
- Infinite Dungeon 
- Universal app with Game Center support 
- Hundreds of different monster abilities. 
- Strategic battles with hundreds of tactics. 
- Unique combat system: Army vs. Army 

Do you have what it takes to stop the evil plot to awaken the destructive force buried beneath the island?

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