Casion Games in The Apps Store?

January 8th, 2014  |  By Kim Roz

When choosing which app store has the best game, you need to take a variety elements into consideration, as both are appealing for different reasons. In terms of the actual games, both stores have the same ones, but appstore tend to charge their users to download the games, whereas the Android Market does not. The Apple customers do not seem to mind having to pay the extra money, but it is definitely a positive for the Android Market there are no charges.


The Android Market allows its users to access the same games and apps as those using then appstore, with the exception of mobile casino apps. The Market cannot always guarantee quality and safety, due to it being an open source, which could be an issue for gamers.  Google withheld casino games from the Android Market, so you cannot download real money casino games onto your device. This is a downside to Android Market, especially with the rise in popularity of casino games such as poker, blackjack and roulette. However, you are able to access these games through the browser, and download the needed software via the casino website. In contrast to this, the appstore let users download mobile casino apps from their site. These sort of games are on the boom as people enjoy playing with the free bonuses they receive from the apps and have a chance winning some real coin.


It is seems an odd decision by Google to withhold the casino apps, but with many of the online casino sites like offering mobile sites especially for android devices, the users won’t miss out. From the Android store you are able to download apps such as slots social casino, which provides over 30 slots games for free, with a social networking element to the whole thing without using real money.


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