Enjoy Arcade-Style Gaming with Poise

December 30th, 2013  |  By Kim Roz

If you’re searching for fun, lively new game apps to ring in the New Year, look no further than Poise. It’s the perfect new app for any skill level—whether you’re an experienced mobile gamer, or you’re just looking for a fun way to occupy your down time.

Poise, an Android game released December 29, combines elements of raucous, arcade-style fun, along with vibrant graphics, colors and energetic music. Not only is Poise an innovative take on an arcade game, but it also utilizes popular elements of dodge and runner.

What gamers have enjoyed so far with Poise is its unique combination of the classic arcade style gaming, combined with fresh, new elements. It also offers user-friendly, simple controls that make game play a breeze.

As the player, you assume the role of Spike, a humorous alien. Spike crashed his spaceship, and it’s up to you to help him escape the wreckage and receive help from an emergency rescue ship. You’ll make your way through thirty unique and challenging levels. Not only are you dared to balance on the surface of a variety of asteroids, but you have to do so while racing against the clock and attempting to avoid falling meteorites.

If you’re looking to enjoy a few extra protections against the trials of the game, take advantage of the in-game store offered in Poise.

Spike needs your help, and if you’re ready to accept the challenge, visit http://www.preapps.com/new-android-apps/poise/740 and take on this intergalactic adventure. 

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