A Brand New Social Media

June 18th, 2014  |  By Katherine Kenney

Viraloid is a platform where brands can submit challenges. Users then post videos of themselves completing these challenges to get a chance to win a prize provided by their favorite brands. Prizes may be won by receiving the most ‘likes’ on the submitted video.

With this new app members can browse through videos, share with friends, and vote on the video they liked the most.

This inventive new social media provides different kinds of challenge categories such as fashion, gaming, politics, pets, science, travel, and more.

A platform like this will revolutionize how companies market themselves. No longer will consumers of brands have to scroll through Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to enter brand competitions. With Viraloid it will all be conveniently in one place.

The new iPhone app is expected to be released September 1, 2014.

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