Robot Tsunami: A Fast Paced Arcade Shooter Game

June 5th, 2014  |  By Katherine Kenney

The new game app Robot Tsunami is an insane, fast paced and unique arcade style twin stick shooter, tower defense & shoot 'em up game all in one app. Players must blast their way through a tsunami of intelligent and well-armed robots while deploying attack turrets and creating dynamic barrier defenses to stay alive, all while trying to beat the clock. Players can take-on thirty special challenges with custom battle rules. They can compete in six arena based campaigns each with eighty customized waves of battle. Moving through the game, campaigns and challenges get progressively faster, larger and more intense!


There are plenty of face-offs against hordes of twelve different classes of rampaging robots; each with their own intelligence, fighting style, behaviors and weapons, making it more and more difficult every time! Gamers can deploy seven types of weapon turret, plus decoys, laser fences, laser walls and teleporters and six dual firing mode weapons to lay waste to the enemy. Then of course with every great app, must be great music, there are seventeen blistering music tracks, to keep players entertained.  Robot Tsunami is a hard core arcade blast-fest that is guaranteed to test your reflexes; it is truly a phenomenal value with over 40 hours of game-play.


A huge feature that usually plagues most apps is in-app purchasing and advertising, both which Robot Tsunami absolutely does not offer or support! The app also fully leverages the technology of Epic Games Unreal Development Kit.


If you’re looking for a new fast paced unique arcade shooter game, Robot Tsunami, is a must. The app is everything it claims to be and more.


Robot Tsunami is now available in the App Store for iOS devices.


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