Fatty Fall: A Fun and Engaging Game

May 15th, 2014  |  By Katherine Kenney

Looking for the hottest new iPhone apps?  Then you have to play Fatty Fall. This cool new game features a lovable chubby man that has put himself in an awfully tricky situation. Mr. Fatty, the main character, is constantly being criticized by his friends; picking at his weight. He gets so fed up with the ridicule he decides to prove them wrong. And he does it! Mr. Fatty climbs a tree and he makes it to the very top! But sadly enough he can’t get down! Mr. Fatty needs help from owners of iPhones and iPads as he descales the frightening tree. Players must help him maneuver down, without hitting any obstacles! Seems easy? It’s not. Players have the combined task of collecting hard to reach coins and getting around strategically placed obstacles, as they bring Mr. Fatty to the ground. Players must try their best not to embarrass Mr. Fatty in front of his friends, and make sure he lands safely!

The two self-taught indie developers from Bangkok, Thailand, did a fantastic job making Fatty Fall. “We are extremely passionate about this new app,” said Paramin Singhakumar. “Our goal was to create an addictive and fun mobile game to keep users of all ages entertained. We believe we have reached this goal with Fatty Fall. This app looks simple and easy to use, yet it becomes increasingly challenging as users progress through the levels. ”

We agree strongly with this successful duo, they have reached their goal. They made an app that is seemingly easy to understand and play, but yet does not bore their users. The two made something that some may call impossible. They broke through the generation, demographic and made appealing app for all ages, from young children to older adults. Fatty Fall’s has hundreds of increasingly challenging levels players have to go through in order to successfully complete the game, levels that keep the players coming back for more. All the levels have a simple design and set up, but yet are appealing to the player’s eye. A concept that seems relatively easy becomes nothing short of fun, for everyone!

So if you are looking for new game apps to play, you found it. Whether you are 10 or you are 50, this is your game. But be sure to make sure you leave yourself plenty of time! Fatty Fall will keep you engaged for hours. Go out and download Fatty Fall today!

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