Help Save The Yolkeys Today On New Game App

April 7th, 2014  |  By Briana Gomes

One of the cutest new apps just released today! Yolkeys is now available on the App Store for iPhones/iPads and Google Play for Androids. Yolkeys is an action-packed, addictive game with challenging levels and intricate characters keeping you on the edge of your seat and coming back for more!


The objective of the game is simple: save the Yolkeys. The Yolkeys are adorable little creatures whose homes are being destroyed. Players must utilize their speed, skills, smarts and hand-eye coordination to develop a strategy take the Yolkeys on their journey to their new home, The Golden Oval. Users must collect the required number of Yolkeys from each of the 12 villages. Players have to cross two obstacles before entering each village in the Yolkey kingdom, for a total of 24 timed obstacles of increasing difficulty throughout the journey. Users have the option to compete against their friends to see who can take the Yolkeys to Golden Oval the fastest.


“What differentiates this app from other new game apps are its extremely realistic graphics and its elaborate storyline, rendering users completely immersed in this enchanted world,” said a spokesperson for Dynamic Plus Apps, Inc.


The elaborate storyline works for the app because the gameplay is still pretty simple. The storyline in intricate which makes the app more enticing, making users feel more attached and dedicated to the app. However, the obstacles are simple enough tasks that won’t be overly complicated for mobile play. Not say that tasks are easy, the increasing difficultly should make for a fun challenge as gameplay continues.


Click below to watch the demo video and download the app!


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