Hot New App: Hook the Rope

April 2nd, 2014  |  By Briana Gomes

If you love having fun, being challenged, using creativity and new game apps, then you need to download Hook the Rope soon as it’s released!


This new app is a game of speed, timing competition and fun! The goal is to move through the levels and collect all the stars as fast as possible by using a rope to swing and bounce along walls. It’s simple enough while still being challenging – the perfect combination for hours of addicting gameplay. The graphics are pretty basic, but cute. The little smiling ball, the stars and obstacles appear unassuming but they’re equally charming. Too much decoration and frill would be distracting and unfitting with the simplicity of the game.


The coolest and most original feature Hook the Rope has is the built-in level editor. The editor allows users to create their own, unique levels within the game.  Once the users create their levels, they can test them right away and make whatever changes they want before publishing it. After users published their levels, they become available for other players to use! This is a really great function because it allows for unlimited gameplay. The app already comes with several levels programmed into the game, but with the built-in level editor users can really play an infinite amount of levels. Users will be able to create their own levels, play friends’ levels or any level created by any user worldwide! It’s a great way to challenge friends, not only to see who can complete levels the fastest but to see who can create the best levels!


Hook the Rope also allows users to play levels in any order they want to play them. There’s no need to play them in order and there’s no levels to earn or unlock, the whole game is instantly available upon download. This is great because it gives users complete freedom in the app. There’s no waiting a certain of time for a new level to be released or achieving a certain score to unlock the next level, they’re all available all the time. Be sure to be on the lookout for Hook the Rope, it’s going to be one the best new apps available!


Watch the demo video, become a beta tester and get notified of the app’s release here:


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