Sentinel: New Game App For Comic Book Lovers

March 19th, 2014  |  By Briana Gomes

At PreApps, we receive dozens of new apps every day. We select the apps that we believe have the most potential to succeed and review them. Here is our review of Sentinel.

This exciting new app follows the adventures of Saul Casey, a fifteen-year-old guy who reluctantly becomes a sentinel. He joins an elite force of agents tasked with protecting the world from brutal, merciless undercover forces. Saul and his fellow Sentinels have to battle The Destroyer, a highly intelligent and powerful force of evil hell-bent on spreading chaos by commanding his army of Drudges. However, Saul is not alone. His friends Moose and Jaz and mentor Pops are all looking out for him. To help protect him during his perilous mission, Saul has been given the ultimate weapon: a mobile phone powered by a chip taken from an ancient tablet that serves as a transmitter, a power booster and a transporter. The young sentinel can also use this phone to download chunks of data right into his brain, which means life-saving knowledge is just seconds away! But who is Saul Casey? What dark secrets lie in his past?

Unlike other new iPhone apps, Sentinel is a fully interactive comic-book app series, with extremely realistic animation and top-notch sound effects. The comic-book series format, combined with the elaborate character development and the addictive story line make for a truly superior app.

Sentinel HD is now available on iPad only while Sentinel SD is now available on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

For more information about Sentinel, or to download, visit

You can also directly interact with Saul by tweeting your questions to @SentinelHDApp

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