Make New Friends With ShowUp

March 7th, 2014  |  By Briana Gomes

This is the app for all the social butterflies out there (or those caterpillars aspiring to become butterflies). Get ready for one of the hot new iPhone apps that you’ll definitely want to download when it hits iTunes. ShowUp is great for anyone who wants to have fun and broaden their social horizons!


ShowUp is one of the cool new apps coming out that’s great for social networking and meeting new people. This is the app that will help users to meet likeminded people in their area. Hanging out and feel like meeting new people? No problem! Simply take a photo of yourself and your surroundings, write a brief post (about tweet-length) and post it on ShowUp! Anyone who has the app and is in a 1 km radius (just over half a mile) will be invited to your hang out. The app does not allow for users to respond to you, but they will see a pinpoint of your location attached to the invite. After 15 minutes the invitation disappears, so you’ll just have to wait a few minutes to see if anyone decided to ShowUp.


This app seems like a really interesting a fun way to meet new people. Instead of trying to make a small talk with a stranger who’s not interested, you can connect with people who actually want to connect with you. You already know you have something in common because you and your new friends went to the same ShowUp hangout. And you don’t have to worry about pestering someone who’s uninterested in you because you all came to meet new people!


The fact that people can’t respond your invite is a little nerve-racking. You’re forced to wait out 15 minutes to see if anyone will ShowUp. While it might help protect you from receiving spam messages, it would be helpful to know if anyone was going come, or if they want to come but might take a little longer than the 15 minutes. But overall the app looks like it will be a fun new way to meet people.


Click the link below to get notified when the app gets released or to become a beta tester:


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