7 Ways Mobile Apps Are Driving Revenue for Businesses

January 22nd, 2014  |  By Briana Gomes

Mobile apps are spreading like wildfire and with new utility apps coming out every day, Mashable found how they provide real world benefits for businesses.


1. Geo-Targeted Push Notifications

There are many ways businesses can use geo-targeted notifications to their advantage. Touring bands could tell fans in a particular city that tickets are on sale or almost sold out. A national chain could send out region-specific notifications about special offers based on users’ interests. Or a store could announce a sale on umbrellas with a weather alert to users where rain is forecasted.

2. Additional Sales Opportunities

Since people are constantly on their smartphones during their free moments, these free moments become opportunities to connect with users. Businesses can reach out to consumers while they are having their morning coffee, taking a lunch break or sitting in a waiting room. By reminding users to check the app by sending a push notification or storing login and billing information in the app, businesses can make transactions that much simpler and easier.

3. Geo-Targeted Advertising

Similar to geo-targeted notifications, businesses can use smart ads to target users by specific location to display ads and coupons that are based in their geographic location. Businesses can even tweak campaigns based on what kind of promotions work well in a specific location.

4. Dynamic Offers

Businesses can use geo-tracking to deliver just-in-time offers to help boost revenue. For instance, a movie theater could send coupons to patrons for an upcoming movie that has not been sold out to increase their profits for a particular show time.

5. Pushing Through the Funnel

One way to keep consumers from “bouncing” off an app (visiting without making a purchase) is to include automatic address and credit card fill-in. Users often are too lazy to fill in their cred card information or get distracted and never get around to it. To battle this, businesses can store credit card information or use GPS to find a user’s location.

6. Data Gathering

Businesses can track exactly what users are doing within their app. They can see what things users explore and what things make users leave. This is extremely valuable intel for designing the app to make users stay and maximize their time spent on the app.

7. Compete Anywhere

Mobile apps provide retailers with the opportunity to narrowly target users, instead of advertising to a broad spectrum of people. Mobile also provides the benefit of immediate price comparisons. Consumers can find the products with the best deals and instantly purchase them on their phones. Since mobile apps are easily accessed, consumers can shop in short spans of time that previously went to waste.

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