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March 4th, 2014  |  By Christine Saliba

At PreApps, we receive hundreds of apps before they launch. We select the top apps to watch every week, so tune in every Tuesday at 2 P.M. EST and find the hot new apps coming out soon. 



This exciting new app follows the adventures of Saul Casey, a fifteen-year-old guy who reluctantly becomes a sentinel. He joins an elite force of agents tasked with protecting the world from brutal, merciless undercover forces.

To help protect him during his perilous mission, Saul has been given the ultimate weapon: a mobile phone powered by a chip taken from an ancient tablet that serves as a transmitter, a power booster and a transporter. But who is Saul Casey? What dark secrets lie in his past?

Unlike other new iPhone apps, Sentinel is a fully interactive comic-book app series, with extremely realistic animation and top-notch sound effects. The comic-book series format, combined with the elaborate character development and the addictive story line make for a truly superior app.

For more information about Sentinel, visit

Downwload Sentinel HD (for iPad only) here

Download Sentinel SD (iPad, iPhone & iPod touch) here

Whats This

Expected Release Date March 9 2014

From the boys who brought you comes the brand new photo sharing game for iPhone and Android. "What's This?" combines photo editing and gaming into one beautifully simple app. Take photos, edit them with fun filters such as close-up, spin and pixelate, then send them to a friend to guess.  

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Expected Release Date March 20 2014


ButterflyEffect is an anonymous community designed to make you happier by giving gratitude, getting inspiration, sharing your wishes, and connecting people like you. Its features are as follows:
Give Gratitude - Send anonymous gratitude emails to anyone in your life for anything you are thankful for! They will receive an anonymous email with your message embedded. Also, record your daily thoughts and things you're grateful for via our daily gratitude journal!
Get Inspiration - View inspirational quotes to brighten your day
Share Wishes - Share your deepest wishes anonymously with the network via live news feed. Send replies, send roses to show your support, and connect privately via messaging.
ButterflyEffect’s mission is to make people's lives better.

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My Events

Expected Release Date March 15 2014

My Events is the Eventbrite companion for organizers on Windows Phone. You can scan attendee tickets and check them in at the door and manage your event from your phone itself.

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Expected Release Date March 15 2014

BetrSpot is a consumer-to-consumer, location-based market and series of micro-markets for the trading of personally occupied, first come-first served spots.

BetrSpot provides many features, such as helping users spot markets by offering a release motivator, coordinating the physical exchange of space between parties at the venue or line, easily process each transcation using Stripe payment processing. All spot postings automatically expire after 15 min.

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