Animals Friends: The Perfect App for Kids

February 28th, 2014  |  By Christine Saliba

Animals Friends is a fun educational game for kids between the ages of six months and three years to learn animals’ names and sounds.

This soon-to-be released app consists of two games: Peekabo and Find It! With Peekaboo, the doors of a barn shake to indicate that an animal wants to come out. Once the child touches the door, an animal moves to the front of the screen and makes its sound and a female voice tells the child which animal it is.Fint It! is a bit more challenging game. Three animals are displayed side by side and the child is asked to touch a specific one.

This app features amazing graphics and really cute animals, such as a brown pony, a cute duckling and a chubby cow. In addition, the female voice is clearly articulating the words, with a friendly voice.  Contrary to other new game apps for kids, Animals Friends is truly kids-friendly, as it contains no in-app purchases.

With this new app, kids will be able to learn the names of animals, the sounds they make and enhance their visual-motor skills.


Animals Friends is currently available for free on the Apple and Amazon stores and will soon be available for free on Google Play.

Click here for more information about this app, including when it will be released on Google Play. 

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