Foto Funia, the Ultimate Way to Customize your Social Messages

February 21st, 2014  |  By Christine Saliba

Are you passionate about taking pictures? Do you think the way a meal is presented is more important than how good it tastes? Are you the first one to take pictures in parties and post them on Facebook? Do you avidly keep track of new iPhone apps? Them you will love Foto Funia!

This soon-to-be-launched iPhone and iPad app allows you to create photos and images for social sharing. Customize your social messages by choosing a photo to personalize the background, add bubbles, some text, filters and tweak the adjustments. You now have a funny, personal message to share with your friends that you can also upload on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Flicker.

Foto Funia features many options to ensure you have a very personal, humorous, touching result! With 10 pre-installed backgrounds, 30 bubble variations and 17 different fonts, you are guaranteed to create a message perfectly suitable for the people and the situation. If what you are looking for is not available, many more options are available in the store that are guaranteed to suit your taste. 

This fun app will be available on March 13 2014 for iPhone and iPad. Click on Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down here to let the developers know what you think. 

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