Weather Chum: A Funny Take on Weather News

February 17th, 2014  |  By Christine Saliba

Tired of receiving your weather updates in the same boring and impersonal format? Then you will love Weather Chum! With this soon-to-be-launched app, weather news will never be dull again! Join Carl and his friendly dog Twister on a wild meteorogical adventure as these two characters react humorously to your weather conditions, time and location.


But Weather Chum is not only about the fun! This soon-to-be-launched app also gives you precise and accurate information about the weather, the different phases of the moon, sunrise and sunset times, the wind’s speed and direction, humidity levels and probability of precipitations and snow coupled with very realistic sound effects.


Weather Chum also features numerous technical features for a truly accurate and all-encompassing weather report. Such options include an actual and a 7-day weather forecast, real and “feels like” temperatures, ratings in Fahrenheit or Celsius and the ability to view weather conditions in four different locations simultaneously! Weather Chum also features weather information in dozens of languages, including French, German, Finnish, Polish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Macedonian and Slovak, so users from all over the world can install and use this app.


Similarly to other new iPhone apps, Weather Chum allows users to connect with their friends via social media. In this case, users will be able to share actual weather conditions with their friends on Facebook. All you’ll have to do is take a screenshot depicting Carl or Twister in your chosen scenery, and you’ll make these heroes speak through you, comic-book style!


Weather Chum is scheduled to be released February 20, 2014, on all iPhone and iPad devices. Click here to become a beta-tester now. 

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