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February 11th, 2014  |  By Christine Saliba

At PreApps, we receive hundreds of apps before they launch. We select the top apps to watch every week, so tune in every Tuesday at 2 P.M. EST and find the hot new apps coming out soon.

Last Heroes – The Final Stand
Expected Release Date February 15 2014 

As the only heroes left standing after the zombie onslaught, you are humanities’ last hope. Use the arsenal of weapons and skills at your disposal to fight the ruthless zombies and avenge other fallen heroes. Last Heroes is an extremely entertaining and addictive app coming soon on all iOS devices. It features amazing colorful graphics, stockpiles of powerful weapons and many upgrade options to make your hero more powerful. One of the world’s most addictive strategic new game apps is almost here!
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Fright Fight
Expected Release Date February 19 2014

Fright Fight is an exciting game app coming soon on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It features many different characters from different worlds, each with unique attack types, skills and weapons. This new game app mixes horror and fantasy genres in an ominous 3D setting.  With Fright Fight, players can compete with their friends or with random opponents from all around the world. Moreover, the cross-form functionality allows you to play with your friends even if they are carrying an Android device and you have an iPhone. This app features vibrant 3D graphics, diverse characters such as Mercy the Vampire and Grim the Reaper and an innovative, gesture-based control scheme with no on-screen buttons!
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Expected Release Date February 20 2014

Are you passionate about sports betting? Are you tired of spending countless hours in betting stores to check out the game results? With Bookie, you can now bet on 10 different sports directly from your phone! This addictive app allows you to bet on virtual games with real odds directly from your device anytime you want. Bookie features the ability to bet on many different sports such as Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, the ability to compete with your friends and share your results on social media. Bookie will soon be launched on all Android and iOS devices.
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BasketWars – World At War
Expected Release Date March 10 2014

BasketWars is an action-packed basketball game based on the famous battles of World War II. Use your soldier to launch the ball up in the air and into the basket. But this is easier said than done! Players will have to time their shots perfectly as an onslaught of grenades, missiles and bullets are hurled towards them. What separates this app from other new iPhone apps is the mix of war strategy with basketball tactics. With over 60 masterfully designed levels, and 6 insane Bosses, BasketWars is a true test of strength and skill. Play alone or challenge your friends to a battle of epic proportion. BasketWars will soon be launched on iOS devices.
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Campus Beer Run 3D
Expected Release Date March 14 2014

Campus Beer Run 3D is the long awaited sequel to the famous Campus Beer Run app that left alcoholics the world over clutching their heads thinking they just had the time of their life. With Campus Beer Run 3D, college students are doing what they do best: Keeping the neighborhood awake! A wild frat house party goes wrong when the cops show up, and students bolt out the door to escape. With six different characters to choose from including the hot cheerleader and the beefy football players, users are in for one heck of a ride! Featuring improved graphics and a guaranteed adrenaline rush, Campus Beer Run 3D will soon be launched on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
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