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January 28th, 2014  |  By Christine Saliba

At PreApps, we receive hundreds of apps before they launch. We select the top apps to watch every week, so tune in every Tuesday at 2 P.M. EST and find the hot new apps coming out soon.

Celebrity Beat Down

Expected Release Date January 28 2014

Ever hated a celebrity so much that you just wanted to punch them?  Celebrity Beat Down allows you to do just that! Depending on your mood and your level of hatred with a celebrity, you can use many tools at your disposal to let out your frustration. Boxing gloves, a baseball bat, or simply good old flying kicks are at your disposal. Pick your least favorite celebrity and start kicking away!

What differentiates this iPhone app from other new entertainment apps is that you can have fun while also letting go of your anger and frustration.

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Deal or No Deal +

Expected Release Date February 1 2014

Are you looking for exciting new Windows 8 apps ? Then you will love Deal or No Deal +. Based on the hit game show, this mobile app is the perfect occasion to test your nerves and try to beat the banker. Pick your case and see if you'll win the million by opening the other cases. No trivia, no stunts. All you need is a little bit of luck and nerves of steel. Click on “Notify Me” and a message will be sent to you as soon as this app goes live.



Funny Beards

Expected Release Date February 8 2014

Funny Beards is an exciting new entertainment app that allows you to grow a virtual beard on anyone. This soon-to-be-released iPhone app allows you to pick from fifteen different beards style, such as “The Goatee”, “The Soul Patch” and six different hair colors. Turn your best friend into the most badass black-bearded motorcyclist or your archenemy into the most popular ginger of the school!

You can also share your creations with your friends and family through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The free version of Funny Beards is available until February 2 2014. Click on “Notify Me” and a message will be sent to you as soon as this app goes live.


Photos to Photos

Expected Release Date February 9 2014

Before you clear out your camera roll or delete the random photos you have saved in your phone, find out how they might come in handy… Put the hundreds of photos stored in your phone to use with one of the hottest new game apps!

Photos to Photos is a fun, social iPhone app of photo comparisons. All players are given a prompt (anything from “scary” to “hilarious”) and must submit their best photo. The judge picks the best photo and that player wins the round!  Of all the new apps out there, this one gives the most purpose to your photos. Now you have a reason to keep any photo you take; it may just be the perfect picture for your next Photos to Photos prompt! 

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Hidden Object- Under the Sea

Expected Release Date February 11 2014

Hidden Object – Under the Sea is an exciting new game app for iOS devices. It features amazing graphics that will transport you to an entire new world. The goal is to find as many items as possible. You can either choose to find items by the picture, by the word or by the silhouette. Moreover, Hidden Object-Under the Sea features three different modes of play. The normal mode, which is timed and features limited hints and exciting bonus rounds. The casual mode is a nice, relaxing experience, which can be used by children who are learning new words. Finally, the challenge mode provides extra challenges for those who think they are up for it!

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