Exciting New iOS App: Dub ‘n Subs

January 27th, 2014  |  By Christine Saliba

With Dub 'n Subs, users' creativity has no limits! What separates this exciting new iPhone and iPad application from other new iPhone apps is that it allows you to customize your apps in a new, unique way!


With Dub ‘n Subs, users can test their creativity by dubbing or subbing videos.

The “Dub” feature allows users to add sound effects from the sound effect package, add voice-overs, or even import their own sounds and add them for a truly unique result. The “Sub” feature allows users to create and customize their own subtitles.


But these are not the only two features Dub ‘n Subs has to offer. Users can also use the reverse playback direction, the fast-forward option and the slow motion effect for truly unique videos.


With Dub ‘n Subs, mobile app enthusiasts can choose to edit videos stored on their device or download YouTube videos and directly customize them. They can also save the videos on their device or on Dropbox to facilitate sharing with friends.


Whether you are looking to create a funny video and then sharing it with your friends for a good laugh, or whether you are an amateur documentary-maker, Dub ‘n Subs is an app you will definitely enjoy using. Click on “Notify Me” and be the first to know when this app will be released. 


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