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January 15th, 2014  |  By Christine Saliba

At PreApps, we receive hundreds of apps each week. Every Tuesday at 2, tune in here to find out our top apps of the week!


Map Minder 

Expected Release Date January 24 2014

This app allows you to set reminders at specific locations. For example, say you need to get a book to return that you've left at home, yet don't know when you'll even be home. You can either go to the preset home location that you created, or search for your address on the provided map. From there you simply set a notification that says, "Get Book!" So once your device's GPS realizes you've arrived there, a notification will automatically pop up, saying, "Get Book!" Opt in to be notified when this app goes live:


Monster Legacy

Expected Release Date January 31 2014

With this amazing new game app, you can battle, collect and evolve unique monsters as you create your own legacy in the epic world of Arborea! Journey to the farthest reaches of this mystical land, explore dungeons and solve testing puzzles. Capture your own unique Monsters on the way, and train a party to endure battles with friends and perilous foes alike. Monster Legacy features amazing graphics and 21 unique levels, 63 quests and 14 dungeons to let you experience a depth never before seen on mobile games. Monster Legacy is expected to be released on January 31 2014. Opt in to be notified when this app goes live:



Expected Release Date January 21 2014

This is the first dual timeline social manager app for Facebook and Twitter. This innovative app features two simultaneous windows so you can manage Facebook and Twitter independently at the same time. You can share your status updates on Facebook and Twitter at the same time with one click! FaceTweet is expected to launch on January 21 2014.
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Expected Release Date February 23 2014

Pushpic is a unique way to share photos and videos with everyone around you. Once you’ve taken a photo or video you like, you can set the distance that the photo or video can be viewed from, set the amount of time that the photo or video can be viewed for and add a caption to your photo or video before pushing it. Once you like what you've done, Push it! Your photo or video can be viewed by everyone within the radius that you have pushed it, for the time limit that you have set! Opt in to be notified when this app goes live:


Archangel: Martian Orbit

Expected Release Date January 25 2014

The year…unknown. No memories, no sound. You are among the chosen for the mission crew of the spaceship “Archangel” and your mission is to create the new human civilization on Mars and uncover answers about the past.
This app features breath-taking graphics in a fully developed 3D detailed environment. Opt in to be notified when this app goes live:




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