New Update to Google Analytics with Single View

April 18th, 2014  |  By Allison Saffiotti

A new and very important update has been made to Google Analytics; developers can now view reports for both web and app data at one single time. Previously, analytics users had to choose between web view and app view but now with this new option there is a new and improved user experience.


This update for analytics is specifically for businesses that use multiple digital platforms for their users – web, mobile apps, other devices – and this now let’s them use these to their fullest extent.


Since this is all single view, developers can now track the actions of users through a single “user” metric, instead of the current “web” and “active” user metrics. Analytics now also refers to what used to be “visits” as now “sessions” to give a clear and consistent way for tracking both web and new apps.


If developers do not want to combine analytics for web and mobile they have to filter this in their reporting views.


However, those who are interested can expect to see these updates roll out within the coming weeks. To understand more of these changes being made developers can visit to see how this new update will improve web and app development.


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