Facebook's Newest Feature: Nearby Friends

April 17th, 2014  |  By Allison Saffiotti

Meeting with friends face-to-face has now become much easier with, a newly added and optional feature of Facebook called Nearby Friends. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, it is expected to release in the coming weeks. It allows users to share their current location with Facebook friends, as well as to view the locations of others.


Nearby Friends is opt-in meaning users must activate this feature for it to be used. It uses a reciprocal privacy model so users can only see where there friends are located if this feature is turned on, and users can only see a friends exact location if their friend is willing to share it.


The locations shared on Nearby Friends are within increments of a mile, meaning those who are 0.5 miles, 0.7 miles, or even 1.8 miles away. Timestamps are also available to show when a location was last queried. If a user is located in an urban area a neighborhood is provided to give more specific information.


The app can be found in the app list in the Facebook navigation menu under “More” for both iOS and Android platforms. It is expected to release in a few weeks according to Facebook.


When this feature is available, many are interested to see how it will compare to other location-based apps like FourSquare and Google Latitude. Due to the popularity of this social networking site, many foresee this app being way more popular with users. Others may have to revamp app development to compete with this upcoming feature.


To learn more about Nearby Friends and how it will work visit: http://newsroom.fb.com/. And continue to check PreApps for new apps heading into the mobile market!

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