New Apps and Collaborations Expected to Release from Dropbox

April 14th, 2014  |  By Allison Saffiotti

After acquiring the iOS app Mailbox a year ago, now Dropbox has officially released a version for Android. This shows how E-mail and messenger apps are one area of the mobile market that is cross-platform.


Mailbox for Android is very similar to the app available on iOS, featuring graphics and basic functions that are parallel. Known as the “sister app” of the iOS version, this app works well cross-platform. However, there is one added feature that is only available on this new app called “auto swipe”. This will rid off unwanted emails and to unsubscribe from unimportant mailing lists by learning from archiving swipes what a user does and does not want to see. It can apply this pattern to future emails before an unwanted email is ever seen, automatically de-cluttering the emails of Android users.


This new version of Mailbox was released at Dropbox’s press event this past week where they also announced Project Harmony, where they will be collaborating with Microsoft Office. This is expected to give users new collaborations tools while working within any of the programs of Microsoft Office. Similar to how Google Drive currently works, users will be able to see when other people are viewing or editing shared documents, and have discussions about them. 


Project Harmony is expected to launch later this year. Users can now download the new android app at to begin a new mobile mailing experience. PreApps will continue to cover all of these new and exciting Dropbox collaborations that are occurring within the coming year.


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