How to Link Your Fingerprint to PayPal on the Samsung Galaxy S5

April 14th, 2014  |  By Allison Saffiotti

Now users can easily access funds when making a payment with the simple swipe of a finger. All users have to do is simply adjust the phones settings as this is not set up by default. Here are the simple steps to start this:


First, users must download the PayPal app from Samsung Apps not Google Play. The version in the play store does not have the necessary bits needed for fingerprint authorization.


The NHL Fingerprint Passport will also need to be updated, but this is prompted. This must be done as this is what allows users to use their fingerprints with online services, such as PayPal.


Once this is done the rest is easy. Simply login to your PayPal account with a set username and password. Once logged in, view the side menu and tap settings. About halfway down there is a menu setting called Login Options. This is where users can now register using a fingerprint. From here, users are asked to verify their password again before being prompted to link a fingerprint to the account.  After this is done, the next time a user logs in to PayPal all they need is their fingerprint.


By allowing users to authenticate PayPal with a simple swipe of a finger, this is the start of a shift in the mobile market. Previously, this technology has only been integrated with a phones basic hardware. It will be interesting to see a shift in mobile app development, where third party apps can integrate fingerprint scanning into their own platform.


To download this new app only available with Samsung users can visit: and for the latest in mobile news and development continue to check PreApps!

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