Developer Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Will Release Soon

April 11th, 2014  |  By Allison Saffiotti

As of today mobile users can purchase the Samsung Galaxy S5, but what many are interested in is the release of the developer edition. According to their website, this version will be available in the near future.


Supposedly this will be an exclusively Verizon phone, however, the site does not reveal a date for an expected launch.  It is anticipated to be in the near future. It is expected to come at the full-unsubsidized price of $650. The phone is only available in charcoal black.


 The developers edition makes for easier app development, with features helpful for advanced users. This includes the ability to load custom ROMs, making it possible to get close to a stock Android experience.


There has yet to be word on a Google Play edition of the Galaxy S5, but if it is released it is expected to cost the same and offer near-stock Android with fast updates at the same price. There has been a Play Edition for the Galaxy S4 and HTC  One M8, so this is highly likely.


With the release of the developers version we are expected to see more new android apps as development will be made even easier. To view up-to-date information about the expected release of this phone visit and continue to check PreApps for the latest in the mobile market.


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