Top Three iOS Email Apps for Business

April 8th, 2014  |  By Allison Saffiotti

Guest Post By:Art Dogtiev

Head of Branded Content at ComboApp  -


Even though Mark Zuckerberg predicted the demise of email in 2010, at the present time - here in 2014 - email is still an essential part of daily life and communication.


As opposed to email for personal use, in business the amount of information you’re dealing via email with is greater in volume. The more efficient your email app is, the more productive you are, as email is the most fundamental way to share and work with information in a professional context.


When it comes to apps for business email, the opportunity for improvement is pretty significant. Although, there are a few new apps that have become available recently that we recommend you check out --


1. TipBit

This app folds many business related tasks into a mobile email application by importing your email, calendars, contacts and documents into a single app.


The core idea behind the development of this app is to reduce the number of occasions when you need to switch back and forth between different apps. TipBit gives you the ability to reach out somebody from your Linkedin contacts, send email, assign a meeting or review a document from a single place.


This is not to say that the app can replace the Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and DropBox apps -- it would be impossible to merge such full, functional apps within a single app -- but it does decrease the amount you’ll need to click on the home button of your iPhone or iPad. This app allows you to concentrate on the task you are working on within a single app, thusly increasing productivity.



2. CouldMagic

CouldMagic tackles increasing productivity from a different angle. Quite often email you’re getting is only the first step in a long sequences of different tasks -- such as CRM, helpdesk, collaboration, marketing automation, HR and accounting. The purpose of CouldMagic is tied to folding all the possible steps one needs to go through while answering email into one app. Again, the application isn’t a substitute for the apps it imports, but instead, one that connects them together. The sophisticated, built-in search tool allows you to look for pieces of information you have previously stored. Decreasing the amount of time you spend using search to find a specific piece of information can make the difference between the success or failure of a task. This app lets you “Google” your personal data including emails, contacts, Twitter and Facebook posts, online files on Dropbox, Box, Evernote, Google Drive and IMs.




3. Acompli

As Sarah Perez of TechCrunch points out, the company behind this app was lucky enough to raise $7.3M to fix mobile email.


If you watch the app demo video, you will get a sense of how serious the team is about elevating and improving email efficiency for business. The ad is beautifully scripted and shot. The ad gives you a clear picture of how great the app is for business and what tasks it is capable of tackling.


Founded in April 2013, Acompli is led by Javier Soltero (CEO), previously CEO and co-founder of Hyperic; CTO, SaaS and Application Services at VMware, and most recently, Entrepreneur in Residence at Redpoint Ventures.


The app is still in development and so there is no way to actually check out its features or functionality. You can read about the team’s commitment to solving email efficiency problems on the FAQ page, paired with the level of funding the team has received, it is fair to assume this project is a significant effort solve the issues outlined above.


To end, we’d like to point out that every workflow is unique and developers need to remember that different people find comfort in working with different apps. Honestly, the iOS native mail app will work well for many, and they may not find it necessary to install an app with additional functionality. But if you do… these are the three we recommend.

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