Apple’s iAd Workbench Expands to More Advertisers

April 7th, 2014  |  By Allison Saffiotti

Apple has made new changes to its iAd Workbench, its ad creation and management tool, to offer this service to a greater variety of advertisers. Originally when it released Workbench last year, this was specifically aimed at developers who wanted to advertise new apps.


Now, any user with an Apple ID can use this resource to create mobile advertisements, not just those who have iOS developer accounts. Other new features to gain the attention of users is the capability to create 30 to 60 second videos, redirecting users to company websites and the ability to promote iTunes content. Previously, developers using Workbench would end advertisements only asking users to download the app.


iAd now prices advertisements based on cost per thousand impressions (CPM), instead of cost-per-click.  Once advertisers create, price and target their campaigns, Apple promises it will go live within 24 to 48 hours.


These changes have been made so that iAd is able to serve different kinds of advertisers and promotions instead of for developers solely. This is done as a way to connect brands with users, where they are most engaged, on their smartphone. So far companies like Disney and Macy’s have used iAd. Disney created a video advertisement to promote films and pre-release footage, and Macy’s integrated with Maps to bring users to local stores.


 Every advertisement created with iAd is manually screened and analyzed, checking for age-appropriate material, and content type. This way users are able to choose the context that best optimizes the brand.


Although iAd is expanding to other advertisers, developers should continue to consider using this tool as a way for promotions. Since iAd works with the hardware and software of Apple devices, it remains consistent with this mobile platform. This is a great resource for users to share a new iphone app.


If interested in iAd and all of its new features, users are encouraged to visit and should continue to check PreApps for more tips to optimize a mobile application.



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