Correlation Between Download Volume and Search Results

April 7th, 2014  |  By Allison Saffiotti

With over a million applications available on the iTunes App Store, how an app is discovered is shifting from top charts to specific searches. App marketer Fiksu has released results to a study conducted to test this relationship between download volume and search results for iTunes App Store and the results are interesting. It seems the mobile market it shifting, where app development must also focus on choosing the “right” meta keywords.


Fiksu said that it found that download volume, appears to have a strong impact on search results ranking. Typically, apps are searched by these three key metrics – company name, app title and the 100- character meta – keyword provided by the app publisher. Data indicated that search –result rank and overall rank was closely related. Meaning, a No. 1 search result would have the highest overall rank. It seems that Apple boosts apps as popularity increases.


Fiksu determined this correlation by testing the search results of popular new iPhone apps like Flappy Bird. Though they were able to determine a direct correlation, no specific reasoning for this was determined as it is unclear how much of a role other factors play in this – like the app name, keywords or app history.


What can be taken from this study is that app developers need to know how to increase their app store ranking and search result position. It is key for developers to determine keywords and phrases users will search for and that will make their new apps appear in most search results. Popularity of an app will continue to be determined from search rankings, especially as iTunes grows and improves. This is a continuing trend of the mobile market, which developers must know of.


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