Emu Makes Messaging Easier with a Mobile Assitant

April 3rd, 2014  |  By Allison Saffiotti

Emu, a new mobile messaging app that is exiting from beta, is different from all others on the market. As a full-fledged mobile assistant, Emu uses artificial intelligence to understand the context of messages and take actions upon them. The app assists users to complete various functions like schedule appointments, share location, set reminders, get movie show times or buy tickets, dinner reservations, and more.


The idea behind Emu is to make messaging more efficient, saving users the hassle of having to copy and paste text, switching from various apps. This integrates the functions of their smartphone with messaging. The only drawback to this system is that both users must have the app downloaded to use the messaging system effectively.


Users are encouraged to try this new iPhone app out though, as it speeds up completing tasks on mobile. For example, if a user messaged a friend about setting up a lunch date, Emu would use artificial intelligence to understand the context of the message and suggest places to eat and calendar for availability.


Emu makes visiting the movies easier than ever before. Now when a user mentions a movie title or visiting a movie theatre, the app gives more specific information about these. They can tap to get more information, view showtimes and buy tickets.


Messaging is more convenient now too, giving the users the capability to put their phone on “snooze”, which turns a message into a reminder that can be activated based on when the user arrives or leaves a certain location. Emu can also automatically reply to messages when a user is driving.


Emu is now only available for iPhone, as developers want to focus on app development and growing user base. As a messaging client, the market is highly competitive, even if it does have mobile assistant integrated similar to Siri. This new app is one to watch out for in the mobile market, as it offers users functions that others can not.


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