SRCH2 Technology Available to Android Developers and Consumers

March 31st, 2014  |  By Allison Saffiotti

SRCH2 is an enterprise software company focused on building faster, more efficient search technology. Using advanced software that even Google cannot provide – instant type forward, rapid geo search, error correction, custom rankings and real time updates, SRCH2 is expanding to reach mobile consumers and developers.


They have released a new Java SDK for android developers, allowing third parties to integrate this search technology into mobile applications. The company expects their search technology to be most useful for new utility apps, particularly for enterprise and business mobility.


A consumer-facing mobile app has also been released to Google Play showcasing what SRCH2 technology is capable of, offering users the ability to search and find any contact, message, calendar invite, music, app and more.


Current competitors include Lucene and Endeca, however SRCH2 boasts their technology is 400 times faster on mobile than competitors. SRCH2 is used by customers like CBS, Huawei and HTC, who will be integrating this technology into their mobile devices in the coming year.


To integrate SRCH2 within a mobile app only five codes are used, and once there it provides users with features that are still not available with other search utilities. If used, the app can adapt itself to users, learning and returning more accurate results.


If developers are interested in discovering more about the new Java SDK visit: Mobile app consumers are encouraged as well to check out all of the capabilities offered by SRCH2 in their new mobile app available on Google Play


The technology used by SRCH2 seems like a great way for new android apps to differentiate themselves within the mobile market. App developers should research further for this added feature and continue to check PreApps for the latest in market trends.

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