“Anti-Social” Apps Rising in Popularity

March 26th, 2014  |  By Allison Saffiotti

Two applications Split and Cloak have recently launched offering users a new experience where they have ability to tap into social networks in order to avoid those they do not wish to see, instead of connecting with them. Dubbed “anti-social” applications this is a new market that provides services where users can avoid others instead of trying to find them.


Investors have shown interest in these new apps as Split currently has $1 million in seed funding. They are currently working to expand the features and amount of users for their app.


Split unlike Cloak has received more attention as it launches into a greater variety of social networks. While Cloak only uses Foursquare and Instagram to determine the location of followers, Split uses Foursquare, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Other features of Split include a map where users can see where others are, real-time alerts, and event notifications which notify you if someone you are avoiding is attending the same event. This is accompanied by a list of danger zones that show their favorite locations too. Tools to save and scan remote locations are included as well.


Split is now available to download on both iOS and Android while Cloak is solely an iOS platform. Out of these anti-social applications, Split is further in app development as they are looking to further expand their platform.


Although this has yet to reach widespread popularity, a trend of apps to avoid others is likely to occur. App developers and enthusiasts are encouraged to continue checking the market for a rise in this type of social apps. PreApps will continue to check this rising trend in the mobile market.

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