Motorola and LG Now Using Google Wearable Device Software

March 21st, 2014  |  By Allison Saffiotti

After the announcement of Google’s new wearable device platform, Android Wear, Motorola and LG have both announced they will be selling devices using this software. Both differ significantly in style and function hoping to accommodate different market needs.


The Moto 360, which is expected to launch this summer, focuses on the design and materials of the watch as a piece of jewelry rather than a smart device. With a round design, constructed from high quality metals, lather and precision manufacturing, Motorola is promoting it as a watch that “begs to be worn.”


Opposing this, LG has designed a smart watch that encourages the technological advancements of Google’s platform. With an angular design and reflective black chassis, the G watch will respond to voice commands, and present information similarly to how it appears on Google Now.


Motorola and LG are hesitant to share what new apps will be included with these smart watches as well as other specific features. Both provide significantly different user experiences, so it will be interesting to see the extent of technology each will use. However, with all of these various designs and appearances, there seems to be a watch with every user in mind.


Continue to check PreApps for the latest in app development regarding smart watches. This appears to be a growing market that many are interesting in designing apps and other technologies for.


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