Will Reaction “Messengers” be the Newest Mobile Trend?

March 21st, 2014  |  By Allison Saffiotti

Recently, a handful of new apps have been launched trying to tap into what is reported to be one of the next big trends in mobile messaging – reaction messenger. This latest feature utilizes a smartphone’s camera to either photograph or record a video of a recipient’s reaction to a text or video. This newest trend will try to bridge the gap between text messaging and a real-time video chat.


Although this appears to be a trend that will dominate the mobile market there has yet to be an app to break into the Social Top Charts for any significant period of time. The apps that have already been released need time to further development to grow and expand user base. Additionally, the market of potential users must be further educated on how to use this type of messaging, improving user experience.


New iPhone apps like Samba, Dumbstruck and Gigglemail all focus on video sharing allowing users to send videos to friends and view their reactions. React Messenger focuses more specifically on texting giving users the capability to add facial expressions to a text.


These and others have been released to the app store yet none have yet to break into the market. Most ranked low in the social market having yet to receive significant attention.


App developers should be aware of this new mobile trend as many predict it will be more predominant in apps within the upcoming months. Integrating this new feature to existing messenger apps may also be an option to break into this market. PreApps will continue to monitor this and other latest mobile trends.


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