Think Gaming Analytics Assisting Developers and Investors

March 20th, 2014  |  By Allison Saffiotti


Think Gaming, an established analytics company that currently provides data to developers regarding user interaction and competition, is now helping developers find potential investors, acquirers and distribution partners. This is occurring through the implementation of new game profile pages.


Developers currently can use this analytics company to evaluate a games chance of becoming a hit, as well as measurements of retention, monetization, market size, and longevity. This is based on a variety of proven metrics. Ideas are also given from metric findings on how a new app can be improved.


Additionally, Think Gaming is now giving developers tools to share their metrics with investors and others who can assist with money and distribution. This gives developers who do not have market power or extra resources the opportunity to take their new game apps to the next level.


Investors and publishers are also able to search profiles and find games they would like to further work with. They can search profiles by a number of different metrics to find one they are most interested in.


To get started with this analytics service visit: as this can further assist with the success of an app. And continue to check PreApps for tips to take make an app a top hit. 


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