Developer Benefits from Google Play Games Update

March 17th, 2014  |  By Allison Saffiotti

Google has announced new updates for Google Play Games cross-platform SDK, which will give developers greater resources when working with iOS, Android, and the web. These new features will be available on March 18th where Google will be hosting Developer Day sessions live-streamed on Youtube, giving all developers access to these talks.


The update will change new game apps, expanding multiplayer support to include iOS, as well as new achievement and leaderboard plugins to support both android and iOS platforms. Users will be able to send Game Gifts, which can be sent to people within the same network, or to players found via search options. Players will also be able to invite people to play multiplayer matches directly now.


The added features for Google Play Games will allow developers to take their gaming apps to the next level, giving players greater user experiences. Users will have the opportunity to connect and play with a variety of other players, allowing for greater control within the game.


Additionally, Google Analytics will be directly available in the AdMob interface, further improving app development as now there is greater insight to how users interact with a downloaded app. The capability to turn these insights into actions will be available through offered in-app purchase ads.


More information about the updates to Google Play Games can be found at http://android-developers.blogspot.html and continue to check PreApps for the latest in mobile news and trends.

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