Third-party Apps Expected to Integrate with Siri

March 5th, 2014  |  By Allison Saffiotti

Apple has announced they are working to make Siri more compatible with third party apps. According to Apple, they are improving Siri’s search capabilities as well as widening its capability set.


These improvements to Siri would enable users to carry out tasks like booking a car rental, making hotel reservations, or using a messaging app other than messenger to send a text. These new app integrations would not require a one-to-one business deal between Apple and a private company.


Additionally, Apple is looking for tech that would allow for the device to intelligently select what to display on a device with limited screen space. For instance, a running app would be brought up when a user begins jogging.


Other mobile platforms like Google are looking to improve how devices carry out search suggestions. Like Apple, there is a strong push for greater user interaction within searches. This will impact app development, as it there soon will be a demand for apps that support this type of search integration.



Apple has not released a time frame for when this will occur, but predictions for the iOS 8 have been made. Regardless, but both users and developers will benefit from Siri’s capabilities. Developers should keep integration in mind when designing new iPhone apps or when making updates.

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