Samsung S5 Fingerprint Scanner Available to Developers

February 28th, 2014  |  By Allison Saffiotti

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 has embedded a fingerprint scanner in the home button of the device. It has been announced this hardware will be made available to third-party developers.


Many new software opportunities arise for developers creating new android apps. This includes the ability to request fingerprint information, cancel fingerprint recognition requests, verify whether the current fingerprint matches those with the registered device and register fingerprints within the enroll screen. When designing apps that include mobile payments, authentication or consumer behavior tracking having accessibility to fingerprint scanning can be very helpful for developers.


Already Samsung has established a partnership with PayPal which allows user fingerprints to enable payment verification when making purchases. This makes mobile shopping experiences much faster and convenient.


Other mobile platforms, specifically Apple, have kept fingerprint sensors off-limit to third party developers. This feature is only accessed for users when they are making payments within the app store.

Giving developers the opportunity to use this feature of Samsung phones creates unlimited possibilities for new apps. This can revolutionize the features of apps and how users carry out tasks on their mobile devices. Since PayPal is the only known app to use the fingerprint scanner, it will be interesting to see what other mobile apps follow.

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