Access Mobile Apps with 1-Tap Login

February 20th, 2014  |  By Allison Saffiotti


Password manager startup Passwordbox has created a new feature enhancing user experience. Now mobile users can sign in to other apps and websites with a single tap rather than having to retrieve and type a password.


Called 1-tap login, this patent-pending feature is available for use on Passwordbox their new android app. An iOS beta version has been released however development is still under progress.


So far, Passwordbox has primarily focused on Android, as 1-tap login is available for use on 80% of the 1,000 top apps available for this mobile platform, with more websites being added daily. For iOS, only 50 top apps have this feature available.


Support for new apps to have this added feature is not given until they have worked with Passwordbox to ensure errors will not occur, making the accuracy rate for this new feature 100%.


If app updates do occur, which may radically redesign the aesthetics of an app, developers can work with Passwordbox to ensure both are still compatible so this service can still be used.   


PasswordBox’s advantage over other systems is that it is not platform specific, allowing users to manage passwords across multiple devices. They are leading the way for 1-tap login for 3rd party apps, acting as the sole password manager for these.


More information on this startup is available at and continue to read PreApps blogs for the latest in mobile development.


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