Become an "Influencer" with LinkedIn

February 19th, 2014  |  By Allison Saffiotti

Linkedin is now opening up its publishing platform to all 277 million users on its network. To date, LinkedIn has only allowed a small select group of “influencers” have this capability. Here they were able to publish their thoughts and advice in blog posts to a large network of followers. 


The company has planned for worldwide reach for these capabilities, beginning with 25,000 English language users on LinkedIn. Gradually over the next few months this will reach all other users.




LinkedIn hopes to make their site a weekly or daily visit for users instead of only a site used when a resume needs to be updated. They hope to make this more of a community of postings where users can share thoughts, opinions and ideas.


This is a great tool to use for app development, as a way to share concepts for new app ideas and gain more feedback for previous work. Often this site is overlooked as a way to gain greater user attraction and following.


LinkedIn wants to allow others to break into the exclusive ranks of “influencers” by encouraging posting and sharing a wider variety of content. To reach these ranks users must receive over 20,000 unique views, over 250 likes and 80 comments on average.


Update and get more involved with your LinkedIn profile to see if you can reach these high ranks. Share your new apps, or post about others! And continue to check PreApps for more ideas to get your app more publicized.




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