HackHands Offers Live Help for Programmers

February 18th, 2014  |  By Allison Saffiotti

A new website called HackHands has been created which allows for programming help the moment it is needed. Users can work with actual human mentors who can answer questions and look at codes.


Users can visit the site at any time and simply describe the problem they are having. The company has a variety of mentors each available within a fifteen minute waiting period. Through connection via video chat, the two of you can work together. There is also the ability to collaborate on a code together through text editor.



This website charges one dollar per minute for each session however there is a five minute period where either party can back out without any charge- for instance if there is a problem the mentor cannot help with.


This website is trying to target people who have never coded before, as well as those who know everything there is to but may run into a few glitches. Wherever users are on this spectrum, HackHands hopes to help users at any level of experience.


This website is a great tool for app development especially while creating or making minor changes. Having access to direct human help during any time is particularly useful and a great resource to know of.

If interested visit www.hackhands.com and continue to check PreApps for tips to help create your new app and for the latest in mobile news.


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