Mozilla's Firefox Launcher Coming to Android

February 7th, 2014  |  By Allison Saffiotti

To find new apps as well as rediscover ones that have been previously downloaded but may have been forgotten, Mozilla has created Firefox Launcher for Android.  A home screen replacement powered by startup EverythingMe, it is expected to launch in a few weeks.

This app will integrate the contextual app search created from EverythingMe with the innovative design of the Firefox for Android web browser. The goal of this is to create a personalized and customizable web experience for users. 


Firefox Launcher will give users suggestions of apps most likely to be used, smart folders which will collects apps that are similar to these, and smart search which shows apps that have previously been downloaded as well as suggestions for others based on searched keywords.


Using a variety of signals including sensors, geolocation, apps used in the past, and what other people like you use, Firefox Launcher can determine what information specifically to show. This is done through their Prediction Bar. As an example, during the afternoon suggestions for apps like your calendar, various news apps, as well as apps which search nearby businesses can be suggested based on this.

Other features include content cards, which allows users to narrow searches to keywords like “tech” or “news”. While completing a web search on Firefox launcher, related apps will also be shown to improve this process and provide greater information.


Creating apps that integrate a personalized search experience is becoming increasingly popular with users. App development is becoming more tailored in design and usability as it creates an experience which allows users to make the most of what their mobile device has to offer.


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