Facebook's Paper Changing How We Use Social Media Apps

February 5th, 2014  |  By Allison Saffiotti

Facebook has released a new free iOS app, Paper, which allows users to explore and share stories as well as preview sections from a range of themes and interests. Browsing your News Feed will never be the same as stories now appear full-screen and distraction free.


Users can select from various sections including Tech, Headlines, Exposure, Ideas, and various meme channels like Cute and LOL. All stories come from the worlds best sources that have been shared publicly to Facebook. These can come from big publishers, public figures, and emerging content creators.

The layout and graphics of Paper have been changed entirely from the Facebook iOS app. Now on the top half of the screen is a cover image of the section you are currently viewing, while a horizontal row of stories are below. By swiping on a story it will become full screen; swiping up a second time will allow for viewing of the story on its original website.


Some other added user-friendly features include no ads, the ability to see panoramic pictures by tilting the device, and the possibility of having personalized stories when the app is further developed.


The same great features of the Facebook iOS app are still used in Paper including the ability to share, search and like Pages. Friend requests notifications and Chat messages are there as well and can be opened in little pop-overs on top of currently viewed content. Users can change settings in Paper to open notifications from Facebook within Paper.


With all of the same great features as the Facebook iOS app, Paper has the potential to replace this favorite app changing the way we use social media applications.


Visit www.facebook.com/paper for more information on this innovative social media app, and to learn about new iPhone apps before they release continue to check PreApps.com.






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