Replay One Snap Per Day With Snapchat’s Version 6.1.2

January 28th, 2014  |  By Allison Saffiotti

 A fan favorite Snapchat has released its updated version 6.1.2, which has a variety of new features. These include color and black-and-white visual filters, a larger Helvetica caption font, front facing flash, and an option to have up to seven “best friends”, each improving the quality of snaps users send.

One of the more advanced new features is smart filters which overlay the time, temperature, or speed you were traveling when you took your snap.

The Replay option is what has gotten fans most interested. It is opt-in for recipients, not senders, which gives one extra chance to replay the most recent snap from your stream. It is still deleted from Snapchats server after the first view, but now once a snap is sent that doesn’t necessarily mean a recipient won’t see it again!


Download the newest version of Snapchat today and see where your snaps will go, and for all of the new entertainment apps remember to keep checking PreApps!

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