New Twitter Card Analytics Great Fit for App Developers

January 27th, 2014  |  By Allison Saffiotti

Twitter’s new card analytics can give developers the extra boost they need to have news apps reach top charts. With millions of apps available for download, it is hard to differentiate oneself and influence users to download.   These new analytics can provide sufficient data to see if spending more on Twitter’s App Install ads are worth it. This same paid app discovery has been useful for Facebook in the past and could have a similar effect.


Since the only true way to really gain big traction is to top the charts, but to do so the app must hit a certain threshold of installs, Twitter Card Analytics can provide greater insight to developers about further marketing their app.



The dashboard allows users to view impressions, URL clicks, and app installs of tweets and mentions by other users, as well as easy ways to measure favorites, retweets, and follows. Users can select a date range to see details from a specific period of time. The Sources sub-tab shows what interface people tweet from, such as TweetDeck, Twitter’s website, or Twitter for iPhone. A demographic breakdown of followers is also provided showing location, gender, accounts your followers follow and their top interests such as “mobile” or “android apps”.



The service as a whole has been created to give users the opportunity to create a twitter page that will become more informative, engaging and greater tailored to followers. For app developers this is a great way to increase followers, gain greater attention and to ultimately discover the benefits of twitter app install adds.



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