Gala Bingo- Download the 2.1 Version Today

January 17th, 2014  |  By Allison Saffiotti


The new Gala Bingo App is now a fan favorite! No longer confined to their computer, users have the ability to play where they want when they want. With the ability to choose from over 40 new big money slots and games as well a range of big money jackpots, iPhone and iPad users are hyped for this new and addictive game! The prospect to win is big, with over £2,000,000 that's paid out everyday! 

With a 2.1 version available Gala Bingo is available for ios7 at a faster speed than ever before. An improvement in graphics now with bright, vibrant colors and easy usability is attracting new users each day!  

If you already have an account with gala bingo all user information will remain the same, so you can continue to play throughout the day. See where your winnings may take you and download to play live bingo with Gala today!

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