New Apple Patent for a Pressure Sensitive Display

January 31st, 2014  |  By Allison Saffiotti

Apple has filed a new patent titled “gesture and touch input detection through force sensing” with AppleInsider, which will add pressure sensors located around the corners of the device as well as hidden beneath the display. This will change the way users swipe, touch and handle an iPhone and iPad.


These newly added sensors are reported to be able to detect an input based on both how many fingers are used and the force of the press. A pressure sensitive screen would also be compatible with a handset that accepts gestures made from the bezel that surrounds the display.



This new technology would better detect and discount thinks like a palm resting on a display, or a thumb that’s just on the screen holding and supporting the device, improving users experience with Apple products.  


Operating new apps will be even easier to use as devices will be able to read inputs like swiping from left to right more accurately then ever before. When playing new game apps, force sensors in the devices bezel might let users control the actions by tapping on the bezel, rather than the screen.




This new technology is most likely to be used in the iPhone 6, however specific dates for this have not yet been revealed. To receive the latest in developing mobile news continue to read our posts on


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