The Facebook of Sports

May 26th, 2015  |  By Paula gonzalez

Say goodbye to endless group chats and juggling conflicting schedules in efforts to coordinate a Sunday afternoon game of football. Take a look at Gamesite, the new mobile app for iPhone/iOS designed to facilitate coordinating games with friends and local athletes. Through a daily feed, Gamesite allows you to interact not only with your friends but also members in your community to engage in pick-up games in your area.



With a simple swipe to the right, Gamesite allows you to create games, set a location, and share it across all other social media apps on your phone. The app allows you to follow your friends and view their posts of scheduled matches as well as join them for a game. Additionally, using the Games Filter feature, Gamesite allows you to contact members in your community and join local games.


Including messaging features, a newsfeed displaying friend’s scheduled games, and notifications for your scheduled games Gamesite is a glimpse into the future of social sports. Gamesite is available to download on the App Store . Check out the apps website and let me know what you think!



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