Jump Up Up Up Into the Sky

June 8th, 2015  |  By Colleen Regan

How high can you jump? Find out in the original viral jumper game Up Up Up. This new iOS app is an addictive and endless arcade jumper game. Jumping may seem like an easy task, but not in this game. 




Jump up into the sky onto moving platforms. Users have to stay alive by jumping strategically so they do not fall. Collect red diamonds while jumping. The game gets more difficult when users not only have to hop vertically up the platforms, but they also have to dodge the incoming bats and birds. Users can watch their score increase with each jump. Up Up Up has decent graphics and changing outdoor environments. 


I can tell that Up Up Up is going to be one of those simple, yet addictive games that users play while waiting for the subway or for the TV commercials to be over. It may not be the most creative or exciting app out there, but it is still entertaining to play.


Are you ready to go Up Up Up? Beta test this fun new app here. I can’t wait to hear your feedback and suggestions! Coming to iPhones and iPads on June 26!  

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