A Handy All-In-One App for Original Text, Audio, and Images

April 29th, 2015  |  By Marilyn Shi

Tired of keeping notes with just words? With Super Notepad, you can use images and audio to keep track of your thoughts and creative ideas. It’s the perfect app for lectures, to-do lists, brainstorming, and more. It comes with six central features: text notes, notes with images, notes with audio, a built-in e-Card reader, a 300-character emoji keyboard, and social sharing.

You can label notes just as you would in any notes app, except this time, you can sing a song into your phone, or take a selfie for later—all in the same database. Email pals straight from the app for quick shareability. Instead of spreading important information across apps, you can integrate it in Super Notepad. Notes can be recorded and retrieved at any time, for editing, playbacks, and organizing recordings. The eCard function is loaded with 40 beautiful templates. Not satisfied? Super Notepad lets you use your own photos as templates as well.



While the idea and overall functionality of the app are amazing, the user interface could be improved. With the option of more available fonts and font sizes, it could be the next big hit in productivity apps. Who knows: with the next update, you’ll be taking seamless photo and audio notes like a pro. The convenience of having everything in one spot beats out the lack of high quality graphics. Instead of storing audio information in one app and opening your photo gallery in another, you can just tap a few buttons and voila! Everything is saved to one place. It looks remarkably like the original Notes app for iOS, and it’s just as easy to use.

Super Notepad is now available in the iOS App Store. Download it for $1.99, and see all the possibilities that audio and images can bring to your notes.  

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